2020. 02. 27
A website produced to create positive news that many people are preventing the spread of COVID19.

# MySQL, NodeJS, Angular CLI
2020. 01. 30
Shows the server time of the domain you entered.

# NodeJS, Javascript
2020. 01. 22
This is a simple web page that uses JavaScript to print out your current IP address.

# NodeJS, Javascript
2019. 12. 11
Built to automatically create API codes or documents using concise code.
You can change the code to what you want by using the pattern.

# NodeJS
2019. 09. 23
Easily listen to ambient sounds while using the headset.
This app was created because you can not purchase expensive Bluetooth headset that can listen to ambient sounds.

* There is a 1 second delay when sound is sent through the microphone to the headset.

# Kotlin
2019. 07. 01
Time tracking program.
This is a window program that can measure business hours.
If you use both 32-bit and 64-bit, you must install a program to make accurate measurements.
After installing the program, reboot the computer or run TTPx86.exe, TTPx64.exe

BUG. In some cases, the x64 program does not run automatically after the computer restarts.

# C#